Rebecca Styles

British landscape painter

Outer Hebrides 



The year is off to a great start with the news that i have been selected by the Highlands and islands panel to be awarded a VACMA Scotland bursary

The award will fund further research into the island landscape  through visits by sea to offshore and outlaying islands around the Lewis coast , where i'll be hoping to forage some new earth pigments and take inspiration from viewing the coast from a different perspective , helping to further develop a series of works for my ongoing 'finding lewis ' project - how exciting 

SSA Member

I have begun 2021 as a member of the Society of Scottish Artists and am very much looking forward to all the new opportunities this may bring over the coming months  

Finding Lewis Residency

Finding Lewis 

supported by An Lanntair , Stornoway

An inspirational tour of this unique island landscape it's history , people , culture and traditions. I will be looking to the work of those artists gone before me such as Norman Adams , Norman Ackroyd and historical writer Martin Martin and drawing comparisons to their impressions of a landscape that may or may not be changing over time. I also hope to collect earth pigment material from various locations around the island to take back to the studio for the purpose of paint making , Painting landscapes with the landscape is an idea i find intriguing and will be experimenting with further in future work.

My aim for this journey is to find a connection to the land , explore new ground and engage with fresh eyes the colours , patterns and palette of my new home. Making time to connect to a place that i hope to root to creatively for many years to come 

I will be publishing a daily creative diary blog here on my website so you can come along and join me on my quest for inspiration , see where i have been and keep up to date with sketchbook entries , thoughts and ideas. 

The resulting work from my travels will provide the inspiration for a series of ten 'Finding Lewis' landscapes that are planned to be exhibited at Talla na Mara , West Harris Nov 2022- Feb 2023 , in what will be my first solo show ....... very exciting 

Link to dairy blog page here